Creating forum pages

Use this procedure to create an interactive forum on your web site. Design and layout of the Forum page is controlled by entries in the standard PageTypes.css files.

  1. Navigate to the page that will be the parent of the new page. See Parent and child pages if you are unsure what this means.

  2. Mouse over the +Childpage button and select Forum from the list of page types. If you do not see the +Childpage button you may have insufficient user rights to add pages: speak to your system administrator.

  3. Complete the Page Summary and the General Properties sections of the page.

  4. The first section to complete is the Forum Help section.

  5. Complete the Useful Links section.

  6. Define the Sub-Forums you would like to include in the forum.

  7. Complete the Forum Properties section.

  8. Make changes as required to the Forum Home Page Properties.

  9. You can add a Forum Announcement to be displayed at the top of the forum page body.

  10. Complete the Moderator Privileges section.

  11. Use the Administrator Black List section to ban users/ip addresses from participation in your forum(s).

  12. Add or edit the items in the Forum Icons section.

  13. Use the Objectionable Words section to filter content submitted by public users. If you check this option, the system will match objectionable words with the list of Objectionable Words you maintain in the Global System Variables and replace any unwanted words.

  14. Click Save and submit the forum page for publication.

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